February 08, 2010

Re-modeling the Esplanade Theater using Rhino and ParaCloud

Brief Description of Esplanade Theater:

The Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay is a waterside building located on six hectares of waterfront land alongside Marina Bay near the mouth of the Singapore River, purpose-built to be the centre for performing arts for the island nation of Singapore. Taking its name from the nearby Esplanade, it contains a 1,600 seat concert hall and a 2,000 seat theatre for the performing arts.

The library@esplanade is located on the third floor of the building. There are outdoor performing centres, and retail and food space at the Esplanade Mall. There is an outdoor open space on the fourth floor of the building.

The building was designed by two architectural firms working in conjunction: by DP Architects (DPA) of Singapore and the London-based Michael Wilford & Partners (MWP).

Computer program used for the Re-modeling:

We have used Rhino and ParaCloud to regenerate the model of the Esplanade theater. My software for this course is ParaCloud. ParaCloud deals with pattern modeling. The Esplanade theater has a specific “pattern” of its shading devices. If we import a “mesh” surface ( in case of Esplanade it is the glass shell) in Paracloud and populate the “component” (in case of Esplanade it is The shading device) on the mesh, it would be convenient to get a good result accordingly. That is why we used ParaCloud to regenerate this building. We used rhino to create the”mesh” and the “component” because it is easy and perfect to get a “faceted” surface using UV degree and point count in Rhino. That is why we used Rhino as well.

1st presentation:

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