February 18, 2010

Remodelling the Zentrales Stellwerk using Sketchup Pro 7 and Grasshopper

Building brief description:
The Zentralles Stellwerk tower is a design of the architects Herzog & Meuron and consist in a sign tower for trains supervision. It is located in Basel, Switzerland and it was finished in the year 1997. The building main form characteristic is the facade of sheets of copper and the twist of the tower.
Programs used:
The modelling of the building will be generated with Sketchup pro 7 because of it simplicity to model and transform 3D regular shapes. This program is a good tool to easy solve 3D problems and allow several export extensions to keep working the model in other applications. In the case of this work, the program is useful because it allow to export as a DWG file, which is compatible with other program used in this work: Rhino 4.
To model the facade it will be use the grasshopper plug-in for Rhino 4 because of the fast and easy way to generate the louvers elements throug the components and the possibilities to live edit them. Grasshopper is a graphic algorithm editor integrated with Rhino 3D modelling.

First presentation:

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