February 17, 2010

Re-modeling the Central Signal Box Switzerland using Sketchup7 and Rhino4 Grasshopper

Short description of the architecture:Central signal tower
the entire building's skin from the adjacent 20 cm wide copper strips covered by these copper strips are twisted at certain locations to enter the sun, while the copper strips so that allowed their entire Building Open became the Faraday shield. This skin is the architectural form and function of imagery and then to a shift.
Short description of the programs and why:
The softwares which i used rebuild the model
 Autocad 2006
 Sketchup 7
 Grasshopper (Rhino 4.0)
Why i used the above softwares?
Autocad is easier to draw the 2D plans, sections and the elevations though the scaning pictures.
Skechup 7 is used to build the regular, basic and simple floors.It is easier to get the walls from the 2D lines used the pluging-in buttons.
The grasshopper software concentrate on the interesting skin of the model.

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