January 13, 2010

Herzog and de Meuron building scans

Available by clicking the link below for the next 10 days.



Solidworks is a 3D mechanical CAD software that aim to provide engineers, designers and other creative professionals with the tools necessary to develop and improve their designs in less time and with few money. To achieve this the program count with a simulation process that virtually test designs to real world conditions; a product data management that help to keep all the data of the work organized, and a 3DVIA composer that keep the documentation in sync with the design changes.

January 07, 2010

January 04, 2010

Paracloud GEM & Modeler

Brief Description:
ParaCloud is a pattern modeler. It is divided into 2 parts: ParaCloud Modeler and ParaCloud Gem. ParaCloud Modeler powers design tools with behavior modeling and performance-driven design capabilities increasing design and production efficiency. Based on a multi-layered matrix concept, ParaCloud is an innovative platform for n-dimensional data modeling and analysis. It creates a bi-directional link between numeric and graphic representations and allows driving multiple representations from a single logical model. ParaCloud bridges between various software used in a project and allows for poly-logical driven generative modeling. ParaCloud extend your software capabilities with minimal changes to working habits and defines a new way of communication replacing the import/export approach. On the other hand, ParaCloud GEM is a 3D Pattern Modeler. It was created to provide a simple approach forgenerating complex and rich 3D models without resorting to scripting of any kind (yepp, not even "Spaghetti Wiring"). 3D Pattern Modeling is a new approach towards generativedesign. It works as easy as rendering images and textures on a surface, creating real 3Dgeometric patterns over your design surfaces. The 3D pattern can be controlled parametrically to match your design intent.

January 02, 2010


January 01, 2010