February 15, 2010

Remodelling Eyebeam Institute using Alibre Design&Autocad 2010

Diller, Scofidio + Renfro - Eyebeam Institute of Art and Technology, New York

Diller and Scofidio use ideas of transparency and fluidity to emphasise the inter-relatedness of materials spatial configuration and activity in creating an overall experience of the space. Technological elements are often used as a way of illustrating the social activity taking place in and around the building.

Alibre Design software is a sheet metal software which is why it was good for me to use this as Eye Beam Building requires the bending of metal parts as the structure is bending-folding as it goes higher.The option of flanging and unbending of the components by creating surfaces and these surfaces can be opened out.This was one part of the software which was effiencient and user friendly.

The part which is not so good about software is; it is too rigid and one has to have correct sizes/dimensions for each of the parts and deformations cannot be easily made in this software.

The second software i used is Autocad 2010 as my next step was to convert the structure into a solid since the building was looking very raw in alibre i decided to change and smoothen the surfaces by using subsmooth tool of the structure.

First Presentation


The softwares links:


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