January 04, 2010

Paracloud GEM & Modeler

Brief Description:
ParaCloud is a pattern modeler. It is divided into 2 parts: ParaCloud Modeler and ParaCloud Gem. ParaCloud Modeler powers design tools with behavior modeling and performance-driven design capabilities increasing design and production efficiency. Based on a multi-layered matrix concept, ParaCloud is an innovative platform for n-dimensional data modeling and analysis. It creates a bi-directional link between numeric and graphic representations and allows driving multiple representations from a single logical model. ParaCloud bridges between various software used in a project and allows for poly-logical driven generative modeling. ParaCloud extend your software capabilities with minimal changes to working habits and defines a new way of communication replacing the import/export approach. On the other hand, ParaCloud GEM is a 3D Pattern Modeler. It was created to provide a simple approach forgenerating complex and rich 3D models without resorting to scripting of any kind (yepp, not even "Spaghetti Wiring"). 3D Pattern Modeling is a new approach towards generativedesign. It works as easy as rendering images and textures on a surface, creating real 3Dgeometric patterns over your design surfaces. The 3D pattern can be controlled parametrically to match your design intent.

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