February 13, 2010

Remodeling Eyebeam Institute using Bonzai3d and Solid Thinking

Description of the building:

The hybrid nature of the Museum of Art and Technology, both museum and production/education facility, provokes an architecture of cross-programming and spatial interweaving. The architectural concept begins with a pliable ribbon that partitions the programming; production spaces to one side (blue) and presentation spaces to the other (gray). The ribbon undulates from side to side as it climbs from the street, floor folding into wall, folding into floor, slipping back gradually to fit the diminishing zoning envelope. With each change of direction the ribbon alternately enfolds a production or presentation space, thus combing together the major program divisions and populations of the building (residents and visitors) as well as their diverse activities and speeds.The ribbon is sometimes sheared and slipped into alignment with a level above or below, thus, conjoining a production and presentation space. The building is designed as a system of controlled contamination.

The Software I use is: Bonzai3D+ Solid thinking

1)Bonzai3d has radial bending tools, by which makes the deformation
Bonzai3d could be used for modifying the model by different forms,
for example, by object, by surface or by curves.
Bonzai3d could be used for the surface editing, such as offset
2)Solid thinking has a powerful surface editing function.

The software presentation links:
Solid Thinking:

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