February 10, 2010

Please be aware that you need to put sufficient labels to your blog entries in order for me to grade your project! Please use as a minimum the following: for 1st presentation: POST ENTRY NAME: Name of the program you are describing POST DESCRIPTION: Please add some text that describes your program LABELS: YOUR NAME / NAME OF PROGRAM / FIRST PRESENTATION / WS0910 for final submission: POST ENTRY NAME: Name of the building + Names of the programs that you used for instance: Re-Modeling the Eden Project using Rhino Grasshopper and Autocad Revit POST DESCRIPTION: Please add: - short description of the architecture (from your booklet) - short description what computer programs you used and why - link to first presentation posts about the programs that you are using LABELS: YOUR NAME / ARCHITECTURE / ARCHITECTS NAME / NAME OF PROGRAM1 / NAME OF PROGRAM2/ FINAL SUBMISSION / WS0910

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