February 18, 2010

Remodelling of New York Building in Bonzai3d and Autocad 2010

The museum building is split mainly for 2 uses that is emerging media and for production.

The structure is of a strip bending piling folding itself to create a floor with each change of direction the ribbon enfolds a production or presentation space on trying to combine the different users with activities and speeds.

The building is simple and seems light weight with a lot of openness and high end infrastructure.

The building is dedicated to exploring - through the vehicle of new technologies - the connection between science and art.

The interlaced production and the presentation programs each have distinct physical attributes: while the production spaces require an even distribution of natural light and artificial light for day/night work, the exhibition spaces require a high degree of light control and sound isolation. Effectively these requirements necessitate that the fluid spaces of exhibition and the fluid spaces of production each constitute a discrete building: one filled with light and one that can be darkened. The levels of these buildings appear to be "shuffled together" like a deck of cards, their qualities put into relief on the facade.

After seeing and comparing all the softwares I came to the conclusion of using Bonzai 3d as it has a flexible and user friendly interface, building and bending surfaces by making NURBS surfaces to generate the building in way that one can go ahead with more variations too is one of the main features why I decide to make this as my first choice.

Using Alibre as second software to unbend the surfaces didn’t work as Alibre has parameters which are not so flexible.

So my final option was to take it in Autocad 2010 as the the smoothening and meshing of the building can be done as the final step.






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