February 26, 2010

Remodeling Esplanade Theatre using Sketchup parametric tools and Rhino grasshopper

The Esplanade occupies the site of the former "Satay Club", a popular food haunt for Singaporeans which had been discontinued prior to the Esplanade's construction. Currently, the "Satay Club" has been re-allocated next to Sembawang Shopping Center which is now demolished.

Officially opened on October 12, 2002, Esplanade was developed at a cost of SGD 600 million.

On 5 July 2005, the opening ceremony of the 117th IOC Session was staged in the Esplanade, featuring a 30-minute long performance aimed at showcasing Singapore's multi-cultural heritage to her international audience.

The original design, presented to the public in 1994, consisted of unadorned glass cases over the theaters, and initially elicited criticisms from the public, including calling it "two copulating aardvarks"[2]. Critics also accused that the design is insensitive to Singapore's location and climate as it would have created a greenhouse in the tropical climate of Singapore, but according to DPA director Vikas Gore some form of shading was always intended[3], and a cladding of aluminum sunshades was added to the final design. The unique architectural design has been said to have an appearance similar to either a durian (a tropical fruit) or the eyes of a fly. Many Singaporeans casually refer to the Esplanade as "The Durian".

The software I used is:
Sketchup Parametric tools and Rhino Grasshopper

Sketchup parametric tools could be conveniently used as a modeling tool, due to its powerful extrution and other tools.

Rhino grasshopper could be easily used as generating the model or components of the model.

first presentation:
The program i used:

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