December 30, 2009

solid thinking

solidThinking is a 3D modeling and rendering software, developed by solidThinking Inc. It is a CAID (Computer Aided Industrial Design) software, i.e. software developed to meet the specific needs of industrial designers and style centers who need a flexible software to blend aesthetics and ergonomics with functionality in the form of cars, watches, bottles, jewels, mobile phones, product packaging, all of the designed objects that surround us.

solidThinking is mainly used for industrial design by manufacturing industries and professional designers and architects but it also finds a user base in computer graphics.

Modeling is based on NURBS curves and surfaces and, thanks to the program's Construction History or Construction Tree, any modeled shape immediately updates while objects, points, or parameters are modified. All the steps involved in construction are saved inside the file and is accessible at any time allowing the designer to experiment and invent new shapes. solidThinking also features polygonal modeling with subdivision surfaces.

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